Street Light 2020 was a participatory, public art installation, created during lockdown. Amy Rose designed this colourful patchwork panel of 300 hand-coloured, translucent strips, bringing together contributions from neighbours of all ages. It was seen as a beacon of appreciation, hope and motivation for NHS and other essential workers.

The location, and the wider neighbourhood is well-known to street art lovers. Upfest, host to the popular festival of international street artists, has its base around the corner.  Street Light 2020 stands out from the kind of work normally seen in the area, however, not only for its form, but for its participatory process, which directly involved and expressed the creativity of people living locally.  Amy designed and installed the work with permission from local business owners on a fence next to a busy pavement, juxtaposing the razor wire that secures a working yard. For its 3-week duration, the installation radiated warmth and colour.

What a great thing to do! And to get all the love and participation is great!

We enjoyed making these, very calming, thanks! 

Thank you for getting us all going on this and putting so much ❤️ into it.

Amy facilitated a Covid-safe, creative process involving 60 people from 20 neighbouring households, ranging in age from 3 and up. Each household contributed unique and personal hand-coloured, strips made from recycled plastic bottles and coloured, permanent markers. Amy provided creative inspiration, motivation and video guidance using neighbours’ existing, online channels.  Participants were invited to reflect on their gratitude to those working on the front lines and about the people and things that help them them to cope with illness, hardship and loss. Street Light 2020 was seen by an estimated 500 people, passing on foot, cycle or in cars, with hundreds more engaging online.

Wow, that is beautiful 🌈

We saw it IRL (in real life) today and it’s gorgeous!

Wow – that looks amazing x

Beautiful. Love the color & light!

This is so beautiful, Amy. Love to you and your community 💗

The project aligned with discussions arising during the pandemic about the importance of reaching out to neighbours, creativity for well-being and the positive benefits of gratitude.  Considerable evidence that participatory arts activity increases participants’ mental health and wellbeing has led some GP’s to write prescriptions for creativity!   For Amy, the project provoked reflection about how the interruption of pre-lockdown life illuminated possibilities (and an urgency) for a fairer, kinder, interconnected and more sustainable world, post-Covid.  Feedback from this project indicates that the project achieved a positive response and brought positivity to those who encountered it. Participatory, community arts has a long history of contribution to, and relationship with, times of change, social movements and activism; Street Light 2020 expressed one community’s response to Covid-19 with hopes for a kinder, gentler future.

Stunning. Thanks so much Amy. And well done everyone xxx

What a brilliant idea, Amy you creative star 🌟 creating a bland ugly space into something of beauty

Thank you for doing all that work Amy, it looked wonderful and festive in the sun!

You are a magician!

Amy Rose has worked as an outdoor artist for over 20 years. She was the co-founder and artist in residence for Playing Out, a policy-changing, national movement and support organisation defending children’s right to safe, outdoor play on their doorsteps.  Amy’s work on Street Light 2020 was made possible by Outdoor Arts Sector Support Fund /Arts Council England and with installation help from Chris Pirie.

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