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Write Up Your Street was a temporary street art intervention created in collaboration with Playing Out.  Memories of childhood play, gathered through conversations with members of the public, were chalked into pavements, streets and walls on a residential street in Bristol.  The positions and shapes of each text resonated with the pathways and locations of the types of play they evoked.

Just to say I loved the chalk – it made me laugh!… and I like the message (the possibility of streets as social, playful places).  [My son] was fascinated by “Mr Wolf” and is insisting on me teaching him to play it…Great idea!

I took some friends to see the artwork this afternoon.  We had a lovely time meandering in and out of the cars and across the roads, to read the trails.  They thought it was wonderful. Well done for having the inspiration and the organisation to carry it off.

This project relied on the generosity of many volunteer chalkers!  See more about this project here.