Playscapes are interactive installations for people of all ages. They include loose-parts play, creative arts, informal games, and themed content.  Playscapes ignite all of the senses and offer a range of experiences that immerse audiences in themed, playful environments and activities. They are devised and delivered by Bocadalupa, a creative partnership between Amy Rose and Jenny Sanderson.

Delight, empowerment, everyday creativity and imagination and are at the heart of of Bocadalupa’s Playscapes. Towards this, we employ everyday, ordinary materials, including cardboard, chalk, twigs, yarn, simple household objects, recycled and garden materials and so on, in extraordinary and playful ways. This promotes a DIY play and ripple effect, as participants can easily replicate parts of the experience at home.

The Bee Garden is a popular Playscape, designed as a labyrinth.  It includes mini garden-making activities, a soundscape and helpful facts about bees behaviours, habitats and environmental importance.  Open the Door is a playscape for urban streets created to promote playful streets and connected neighbourhoods.  Other Playscapes include The Pom-Pom Galaxy, A Hot Air Balloon Adventure, Dreamscape and Night Labyrinth.

Open-ended, immersive activities are appropriate for a range of ages, abilities, interest levels, and experience. Each Playscape is hosted by experienced performer/facilitators who are highly skilled at activating play, conversation and public participation. Hosts undertake a period of research about the subject matter in focus and our processes ensure that each Playscape is fit for purpose and that the engagement is underpinned by relevant knowledge and activities.

Bocadalupa have created Playscapes for a range of client organisations and educational settings including

Playing Out

Cirque Bijou‘s Harbourside Festival


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Jenny Sanderson Artist, Designer, Researcher Host
Amy Rose Artist, Designer, Researcher, Host

Sarah Corbett, host

Gill Simmons, host

Cecily Claire, host