The Giant Who Slept for 10,000 Years is a beautiful tale of hope, wonder and nature connection for ages 3 +. It is performed by puppeteer and maker, Bori Mezo and directed by Amy Rose. Amy and Bori first met when Amy was teaching on a summer school run by the Curious School of Puppetry. Their collaboration spanned a year and a half of dreaming, writing, designing, making and devising before premiering the show in London in 2021. It is currently touring UK venues and festivals.

The show features beautifully crafted, felted wool puppets alongside imaginative scenic elements that shift and transform as the story unfolds. Evocative music by composer Nicolas Lewis underpins Bori’s generous storytelling and playful audience interaction. As a solo ‘suitcase show’ the production is affordable, self-sufficient, travels easily, and can happen in both indoor and outdoor venues. Contact Bori Mezo for further information and booking.  

The story is adapted from a Norwegian folk tale about a giant, who by chance, falls into a deep sleep and wakes up centuries later to find the world is much changed. As she tries to adapt to these new surroundings, she meets a curious, human child and they develop a friendship that might just save them both from the growing threats to their shared landscape. Its creation was supported using public funding by Arts Council England

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about Amy’s work directing visual and puppet theatre.  

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Performer, Designer, Adaptation, Maker:   Bori Mezo
Director, Dramaturgy:  Amy Rose
Composer: Nicolas Lewis
Photos by Sian Herbert