Amy Rose serves as a creative/process consultant and sounding board poet Alyson Hallett’s ‘The Migration Habits of Stones’, a durational public art work exploring the migration of stones.  In her role, Amy advises on the performative and participatory elements.  She also encourages Alyson to be courageous and risk-taking in her practice and to be rigorous in honouring her own intuitive and professional processes.  For more about this project, visit Alyson’s website.

“Amy has a glittering mind and I really value her perspective.  Much as it sometimes vexes me, she is not afraid to ask the difficult questions, the answers to which always lead me to where I knew I needed to go all along, but had been doubting or cleverly avoiding…”

Alyson Hallett, poet


Lead Artist and Poet Alyson Hallett
Stone Carver Alec Peever
Process Consultant Amy Rose


The Stone Library, Alyson Hallett