Amy directed Ramshacklicious’s energetic solo street show, Mother Says, featuring live music and audience participation.  Drawing strongly on the territory and issues Amy works with through Playing Out, the show is inspired by cautionary tales and confronts cultural fears and attitudes towards childhood, risk and freedom, children’s independence and access to public spaces.

In this unique outdoor show for family audiences, a man/boy called Jack strays ‘beyond the post box’ for the first time alone– without any of his usual well-meaning, but overprotective adults– and encounters a city full of strangers and adventure.  The show adeptly engages the audience in difficult questions of risk-taking, stranger danger and other near-taboo subject matter through playful means.  For a full description and booking details, please visit Ramshacklicious.




Producer/Performer/Musical Director  Jack Stoddart

Director  Amy Rose
Writer  Adam Fuller
Costume Design  Katie Sykes
Set/prop Design  Will Datson
Video production  Garth Williams
Photographers  Paul Blakemore & Garth Williams