Amy Rose devised and performed her solo, Rogue Angel, from 1992-1999, touring festivals throughout North America, Europe and Scandinavia. Described as ‘one small woman with seven inch wings, a six-foot ladder and a street full of laughter”, this street show was a collision of the sacred and the ridiculous, combining physical comedy, audience participation and spectacular stunts.  One of a very few female solo street performers at the time, Amy refined her skills as a clown and street performer with courage, audacity and charm.


Delighfully silly, very talented… it is quite possible that the audience will never know what hit them.

The Buzz, Montreal


…marlvellous audience skills and a childlike sense of play.

The Vancouver Sun



audience-as-chorus response within the show


Tour venues included

Jacobs Pillow Dance Festival / Inside Out, Becket, Massachusetts, USA

Simon’s Rock / Bard College, Great Barrington, Massachusetts, USA

Montreal, Ottawa, Edmonton and Vancouver Fringe, Canada

New York City Buskers Fare, New York, USA

Porsgrun International Theatre Festival, Norway

Theater Op De Markt, Masseik, Holland

Magdalena Project, Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, Wales

Streets Ahead, Manchester, UK

Chalons Dans La Rue, France


Director, Writer /Devisor, Performer Amy Rose

With thanks to Janet Rayor, Roger Reed, Glenn Singer, David Aiken, Carla Kogelman, Ted Kilmer, Erika Peto, Brigitte Osborne, Chris Pirie and promoters and audiences across the globe who believed.