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  • cake by Luci Gorell Barnes, 88cakes
  • cake by Luci Gorell Barnes, 88cakes[/caption]

  • Cakes on sale by the slice! Beka Haigh hosts in 88cakes.

88cakes is an unconventional bake sale and performance for a domestic space and responds to the theme of motherhood. Its first instalment was enjoyed by around 500 members of the public during the Southbank Bristol Arts Trail on 10 and 11 May 2008.

Cakes, both edible and inedible, were created in a range of media by members of the public and exhibited for sale both whole and by the slice. In addition to cakes, Jenny Sanderson and Amy Rose (as Bocadalupa) presented two different, short, site-responsive performances.

This project has an ongoing life and has had subsequent iterations at Bubbahub, Bristol and in Seattle, Washington, USA.