Family Arts Conference 2017

Family Arts Conference 2017

I had the recent good fortune to be able to attend the recent Family Arts Conference at St. George’s and Watershed, Bristol on 15 March 2017 (#FAcon17) as part of Theatre Bristol’s new artist agent initiative.  The sunny day provided a warm welcome for an impressive turnout of sector professionals from across the UK.   Adeptly produced by Family Arts Campaign, the day-long programme identified current trends and challenges within the family arts sector, as well as offering models for good practice.

Five main themes emerged from the day as a sort of tool-kit for best practice. They were

  • Provide a high quality welcome and ‘everyday access’
  • Offer work and activities that have genuine relevance
  • Work together:  Seek genuine partnership and collaboration
  • Relax!
  • Approach the work as action research

You can read the full report on the Theatre Bristol website here.

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