Amy Rose collaborated with Jesse Paul to devise and facilitate this online, interactive lab for young people exploring ‘doorstep’ and hyper-local, public art- making, in response to the conditions of the 2020 lockdown.  In it, she worked with 16-25 year olds as part of the Transitions Fair Access, Contemporary Performance Practice programme at Royal Conservatory Scotland.  The programme serves young people with a passion for performing and production arts, who have not yet accessed higher education and who may live in areas of high deprivation, are care experienced, or be estranged from parents or carers.

In this project, and many times before and since, I have seen how powerful things can begin in small, creative acts in public space.  It was a privilege to share and develop these methodologies for activating creativity, civic participation and playful cities with the Contemporary Performance cohort from Transitions RSC. (Amy’s reflection)

Amy developed and delivered online workshop activities through which participants explored their own homes and immediate neighbourhoods as inspiration and sites for creative activities.  Using prompts and a kit of materials and sent out in advance, participants did site research,  yarn bombing,  site-responsive choreography, banner-making and more! The learning journey took place on a shared online platform and in live Zoom sessions. Further adventures in outdoor arts were integrated into the ongoing work of the group.

Jesse Paul— Programme Director, collaborator, co-facilitator
Murray Wason—Transitions Programme facilitator

Special thanks to Brian Mooney

Transitions Fair Access, RCS