I Wish I Were A Cat was a studio theatre show by Miren Theatre that took on the difficult subject of 1970’s Argentina’s military dictatorship.  Developed in association with the renowned director John Wright (Told by An Idiot), it employed Miren theatre’s trademark tragic-comedy style with physical theatre, slapstick and visually rich images to tell a story not commonly addressed, including fascism, torture and human rights abuses.

Amy and Brenda Waite co-directed a research and devising process to generate initial performance material. John Wright was employed to assist in the shaping and development of this raw material and Amy then saw the work through to a completed script and performance.

The play contrasts moments of touching poignancy […] with robust gallows humour. The on-stage chemistry between the two lead actors is engaging and their energetic performance fills out a narrative that deliberately leaves itself open to a number of interpretations. I Wish I Were a Cat […] keeps the audience enthralled…

Bristol Evening Post

Venues included

  • Ovalhouse, London
  • Mayfest Bristol
  • Midland Arts Centre
  • The Rondo Theatre, Bath

Devised by Juan Herrara, Derren Hoskins, Amy Rose and Brenda Waite
Performed by Juan Herrara, Derren Hoskins and Alberto Santos-Bellido
Co-Directed by Brenda Waite and Amy Rose
Associate Director John Wright (‘Told by an Idiot’)
Designer Alberto Santos-Bellido
Composer Chris Powell.